In April 2017 Michael Ventre Will Swim From New York To London To Raise Millions Of Pounds For Oxfam to Help End Extreme Poverty


Michael will swim 3800 miles across the Atlantic to inspire others around the world to take a stand and play their part but he can't do this without your support. He is seeking funding to help him tackle this huge feat in the form of brand sponsorship, crowdfunding and donations.

”I was both astonished and hugely impressed when I heard about Michael’s plan to swim from New York to London in aid of Oxfam. Michael is a wonderful example of someone who, like us, won’t live with poverty, and it is humbling to think that his passionate dedication to fighting poverty has led him to attempt such an enormous feat. We are immensely grateful to him and his team for the hard work they are putting in to making Michael’s dream a reality.

Like the swim, ending poverty may seem impossible, but we can end this injustice. By working together, we can create a fairer, safer world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential. I hope you will join me in supporting Michael as he takes on this mammoth challenge for the 1.2 billion people currently living in extreme poverty.”
— Tim Hunter Director of Fundraising, Oxfam GB

Whilst growing up in Southern Africa it was impossible not to notice the vast contrasts in social inequality between different communities. It's not acceptable that millions of people suffer severe deprivation of basic human needs, including food, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter and education. This is an opportunity for me to take a stand and to assist in the alleviation of extreme poverty by the year 2030. Oxfam and I need your help as this is a colossal task but I believe that we can overcome any challenge if we come together and play our part.


Can we end extreme poverty in our lifetime?

That sounds like a huge and impossible task, but I believe it can be done. At a meeting of the United Nations in September this year the leaders of our nations unanimously agreed to new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be implemented by 2030. Read more about it in "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development"  This document outlines a set of 17 targets, the primary goal being End poverty in all its forms everywhere

I believe this is a transformative and revolutionary proposal which will change the world.

In 2017 I will be playing my part in helping to eradicate extreme poverty. I will be swimming 3800 tough miles from New York to London in a never before attempted and unprecedented swim challenge. I have partnered with Oxfam, an organisation that is at the forefront of tackling global poverty and raising awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can all play our part. 

About Michael

Michael Ventre, is an IT engineer living and working in Cork, Ireland and is passionate about family, travel and open water swimming. He is also an avid campaigner for ending extreme poverty.

Michael has swum the English Channel and two other "Ocean's Sevens" channels around the world. He is also an accomplished ice swimmer. Michael is now preparing for his biggest challenge. Starting in April 2017 Michael will be the first person in history to swim from New York to London, 3800 extraordinary miles across the Atlantic, a super human feat and a world record.  A seemingly impossible swim to solve what most regard as an impossible dream. Michael will risk his life to raise millions of pounds for Oxfam to help eradicate extreme poverty by 2030.