My Sports Psychologist!

Great news! 

I have been very lucky enough to have recently obtained a sports psychologist for the adventure and in particular the run up to the event! We've already had our first session and I very much look forward to future sessions to help with my grueling mental preparation! 

David Shearer is a Reader in Sport Psychology at the University of South Wales and he practices extensively as an applied sport psychologist in a wide range of elite sports both in the UK and abroad. He has worked with GB Swimming, Swim Wales, GB Shooting, England Shooting, GB Wheelchair Basketball, Sport Wales and the Finnish Olympic Committee. He is also the performance psychologist for the 65 Degrees North expeditions ( and has an interest in extreme challenges in general. He has published extensively ( on many topics in sport science and psychology, and specializes in elite performance research on team dynamics (e.g., collective efficacy) and psychological/physical factors related to recovery (e.g., mood, sleep, hormones). 

David I'm privileged to have you as an integral part of the team! @davshearer PhD, MSc, BScA… a massive welcome to you!