Michael is an IT infrastructure engineer living in London, passionate about family, travel and swimming. A normal guy living an ordinary life but with an extraordinary story soon to unfold. Michael will be the first person to swim across the Atlantic, the world's wildest ocean, linking two iconic capital cities New York and London, an extraordinary swim of 3800 miles.

A super human feat and a world record, Michael will risk his life in April 2017 to raise millions of pounds for Oxfam to help eradicate poverty. A seemingly impossible swim to solve what most regard as an impossible dream. Michael will swim the Atlantic to inspire others around the world to take a stand and play their part.

Michael has been dreaming of swimming seemingly impossible distances since the age of ten when he watched England's Thomas Gregory becoming the youngest person to swim the English Channel on TV in 1988. Born to British parents in landlocked Botswana, it would be another three years before Michael even saw the ocean, but from that day on he was determined to swim the English Channel - the first of many extreme swims.

As well as swimming the English Channel, Michael, who is aged 38, has completed two other "Oceans Seven"extreme swims - the Molokai Channel in Hawaii and the Catalina Channel in Los Angeles. He has also become an accomplished ice swimmer, participating in the Winter World Championships in Latvia and Finland and will be participating in the Winter World Championships for a third time in Siberia in 2016.