Swimming to End Poverty

Growing up and travelling in Southern Africa, Michael has seen first hand the extreme poverty and societal inequality that people are born into. He is passionate about the fight against poverty not only in Southern Africa but also around the world. By participating in this unprecedented swimming challenge Michael hopes to create awareness of this injustice and to inspire others to also take a stand. He has teamed up with Oxfam who are at the forefront of creating and inspiring change among businesses, community and world leaders in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of ending extreme poverty by the year 2030.

Who are Oxfam?

Oxfam is a global movement of people who won’t live with the injustice of poverty. Together they save and rebuild lives in disasters. They help people build better lives for themselves. They speak out on the big issues that keep people poor, like inequality discrimination against women and climate change. And they won’t stop until every person on the planet can live without poverty.

In Just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. In 15 more, we can end extreme poverty for good

Ending Extreme Poverty 

Ending extreme poverty is within reach of our generation, but it demands a powerful and practical response, both to its causes and the terrible impact it has on people’s lives. Clean water, food, safety, the ability to support your family – especially when disaster strikes. These things aren’t just for some people. They’re for everyone – women and men alike – regardless of where you live or who you are.